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Signature Spec Home

What is a “Farrell House”? A Signature Spec Home incorporates Farrell’s high quality of standards, exclusive designs and level of excellence needed to construct a Farrell home. Each home is designed with a unique theme. From the bathroom to the backyard, everything is aligned inside and out with that theme.

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The Custom Home

In the Custom Home process, the client’s taste dictates the personality of the home. Whether the architecture is a modern structure or a classic farmhouse, designed by Farrell’s in-house team or an outside firm, the same standards apply, with over 400 homeowners in the Farrell Family. Contact us to learn more.

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Build to Suit

We have located properties that meet the Farrell standards in location and value. The hours spent on the permitting process are ours. The Farrell Build to Suit program allows for complete customization on our land, selecting from our library of designs, or  personalizing an existing plan. Contact Farrell Building Co to learn more.

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Whether you’re in the process of building a custom home with us, or just need a short-term place to stay, Farrell has the homes to choose from so you can still enjoy everything the Hamptons has to offer. Click the link below to view rentals for Summer 2017. This summer is sure to be an amazing experience for you and your family!

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